National Partners

Governmental institutions: 

UN Women Jordan Office also works with the following Jordanian academia

UN Women Jordan has been supporting local authorities across the country through a number of initiatives aiming at increasing female micro-entrepreneurship and job creation especially in those areas that have been qualified as “Poverty Pockets” by the Jordanian authorities.

The private sector can make an important contribution to development by fostering innovation, providing funding and promoting entrepreneurship. Through many of its programmes, UN Women Jordan has engaged the private sector in support of public-private partnerships. For instance, CISCO has been supporting UN Women initiative in increasing female employment in the Jordanian ICT sector. Also, Tazweed is supporting UN Women and the World Food Programme in the implementation of their shared space, an ‘Oasis, safe space for women and girls’ in the camp’s district 7. UN Women and WFP were able to open this new centre as a result of infrastructure support provided by Tazweed including land usage and electricity infrastructure.