Promoting rural women’s food security in Jordan


Photo credits: UN Women/Christopher Herwig

Duration: March 2016- March 2017

Donor: Government of Japan

Budget: USD 1.260.000

Project Goals:

  • Improve food and nutrition security through increasing the nutritional intake of vulnerable families.
  • Enhance rural women’s leadership and participation, via women’s engagement in community life and in rural institutions in order to enhance women’s community decision making and promote gender responsive policy environments for the empowerment of rural women.
In partnership with FAO and ACTED, this joint project aims to address food insecurity in Jordan while also bolstering the role and conditions of women working in the agricultural sector. At the macro level it also aims to tackle pressing policy issues related to women’s engagement in the rural economy – including those related to climate change. At the community level work will be done through a resilience focused intervention to give women and their families the skills and assets needed to bolster food security, while also working with them to advocate for better working conditions and leadership positions within rural and agricultural organisations. The will be undertaken through an approach that seeks to foster community ties and social cohesion. To this end the overarching goal of this project is to secure rural women’s food security and rights as an entry point for building resilience in the context of the Syrian crisis, thereby supporting improved family food security and social cohesion in hosting communities.