Jordanian National Action Plan

The JONAP Launch event comprised of an opening Orchestra
Photo Source: UN Women

Period: 2018 - 2021

The (2018-2021) Jordanian National Action Plan (JONAP) for advancing the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security (UNSCR 1325), and its subsequent resolutions, was developed to respond to the country’s latest security and military challenges. It is in line with Jordan’s commitments to promote and respect human rights, justice, equality and participation—all of which are embodied in various national frameworks, such as The National Strategy for Jordanian Women (2013-2017) and The Comprehensive National Plan for Human Rights (2016-2025). The JONAP for advancing the implementation of UNSCR 1325 aims to integrate a gender-based approach towards women’s participation in prevention and protection processes during conflicts, as well as in peace building, and maintaining stability and sustainable security.

Parallel to these efforts, the JONAP specifically responded to the 2015 UN Security Council resolution 2242, which highlights the importance of cooperation with civil society and the role of women as key partners in preventing and combating violent extremism. It also reiterates the importance of engaging men and boys as partners in promoting women’s participation in the prevention and resolution of armed conflicts.

The process of drafting the JONAP on resolution 1325 began as Jordan and other countries were endorsing the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Agenda’s overall objectives—and Goal 5 and its targets in particular—represent an opportunity to transform development and planning approaches and mechanisms for implementation, to ensure equality of opportunity and the empowerment of women. Furthermore, they provide a means to ensure the inclusion and participation of all segments of society, for the fair and efficient implementation of comprehensive and sustainable development.

The JONAP consists of four strategic goals in the areas of:

1) Security sector reform and peace operations;

2) Preventing violent extremism;

3) Response to women and girl refugees in Jordan

4) Building a culture of peace and gender equality with a particular focus on youth and preventing gender based violence.

UN Women is supporting the government and civil society organizations to implement the commitments in the JONAP 1325, through the provision of assistance to the establishment and strengthening the coordination mechanism. UN Women is also working within the four outlined strategic goals in the JONAP:

Security sector reform

  • UN Women will continue to build on existing partnerships with the Jordanian Police and the Jordanian Armed Forces to mainstream gender in ongoing security sector reform initiatives.

Preventing violent extremism

  • UN Women will support the government to build dedicated capacity within its preventing violent extremism (PVE) entity and response plan to ensure integration of a gender perspective and to develop evidence based policies to address radicalization in communities through gender responsive counter-narratives.

Response to women and girl refugees in Jordan

  • Building on past programming on the justice sector and gender based violence among both Syrian refugee women and vulnerable Jordanian women, UN Women will support protection services and access to justice.
  • UN Women will provide technical expertise on gender responsive justice services and awareness raising among women of their legal rights and how to access the justice system and seek redress for violence.

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