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Aida Salameh Khalil Al-Rawajfeh, 49, joined the UN Women’s Oasis Centre in Tafilah, southern Jordan, as an agriculture trainer to be able to provide for her family. As an experienced and passionate farmer, she provides lectures and trainings on agriculture to women in her community, encouraging them to start their own businesses. Following her experience at the Oasis Centre, she plans to continue her studies in agriculture and run her own hydroponic business, a sustainable farming method that requires less use of water.
Manal Barham, 35, led most of her life balancing with her role as a wife and a mother, she never believed she would have the chance to become the working woman she had always dreamt of becoming. In 2018, Bahram enrolled in the beautician and project management courses provided by the Jordanian National Forum for Women (JNFW) in partnership with UN Women and with the generous support of the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund. Now, Bahram is an enthusiastic owner of her own thriving home-based salon in Hashmi Shamali, East Amman.