SADAQA hosts tax incentive roundtable discussion for childcare support

Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Amman, Jordan.

SADAQA, in partnership with UN Women and Bank al Etihad, organized a multi-stakeholders roundtable discussion on tax incentives for childcare support within the framework of approved amendments to Article 72 of the Labour Law. Generously funded by the EU Regional Trust Fund to the Syria Crisis (MADAD) and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, the event featured the participation of government representatives, senators, parliamentarians, civil society organizations, employers, and representatives for working families.   


The overall aim of the event was to explore and discuss possible government-led and  tax-based supported initiatives to ensure the full commitment of government and private sector organizations' to the application of  Article 72 through the provision of daycare and/or childcare solutions in working environments hosting at least 15 children under the age of five.


“Now that amendments to articles of the Labour Law, including Article 72, in effect with the goal of fostering women’s participation in the labour market, we want to move forward with the implementation of the National Framework for Workplace Daycares by discussing the possibility of offering tax incentives to working families and companies that abide by the law and provide childcare services,” affirmed Randa Naffa, Co-Founder at SADAQA during the event.


Workplace daycares are often not valued as a public service to support working families with children by private sector companies and organizations. As such, offering tax breaks and tax-based incentives is considered a best practice to encourage more employers to apply the legislation while supporting more women to enter into the labour market.   


Based on the extensive review of the national tax legislation, the event included the presentation of SADAQA’s white paper on tax incentives, which outlines solutions to encourage possible channels of tax reallocation to boost female economic participation rates through the lens of international standards and good practices. In addition to providing inputs to the white paper, participants discussed various methods and strategies which can be put in place by the Government in order increase the number of private sector companies that would be able to offer childcare facilities to their employees.


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