Empowering the women of Tafilah through gender advocacy and civic engagement


Conducted by the Information and Research Center in partnership with UN Women and generously supported by the Governments of Finland, France, Iceland, Italy and Zonta International Foundation, the impact assessment highlights the work undertaken under the project, "Empowering the Women of Tafilah through Gender Advocacy and Civic Engagement” was to enhance civic engagement by creating a local, grassroots community of women who are able to advocate for the gender needs of their communities and have the knowledge and skills to hold local policy and decision makers accountable when their policies and development plans lack gender sensitivity. For this vision to be achieved, the following phases and outcomes are carries out:

  • IRCKHF team developed a baseline study in order to identify what the developmental needs of Tafilah are through the eyes of local women.
  • Based on the results of the baseline study; IRCKHF and JNCW conducted a capacity building program to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to make domestic policy-making and development plans gender-sensitive.
  • IRCKHF and JNCW supported seven association to set up and implement advocacy campaign across seven districts in Tafilah.

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