Humanitarian Action

UN Women/ Christopher Herwig
UN Women/ Christopher Herwig

UN Women, has developed a unique model to respond to the urgent needs of Syrian refugee women and girls in camp settings in Jordan, the Oasis empowerment center. The Oasis model has evolved over the years and now is a center for building women’s resilience and empowerment through access to multi-sectoral services. UN Women have constructed three Oases within Za’atari camp and one within Azraq camp, the Oases continue to thrive.

UN Women, is continuously increasing the capacity for learning, economic possibilities, and the expansion of Oasis in and beyond the camp setting. UN Women is extending the Oasis model of resilience and empowerment services to host communities, adhering to the needs of both refugee women and vulnerable Jordanian women.

UN Women's host community Oasis model implements integration strategies and includes several goals:

  • Establish the model and reach women in non-camp settings
  • Reach those women farthest behind from both refugee and host community populations
  • Apply the model to other resilience programming.

UN Women ,continues to utilize its key partnerships with international and national donors, partners and organizations to integrate the Oasis model in and beyond camp settings. 

Oasis Evolution