Standard Chartered Jordan partners with UN Women to empower women in the workplace


Standard Chartered Bank partners with UN Women to empower women in the workplace

The Standard Chartered Bank in Jordan signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), an initiative by the UN Global Compact and UN Women that aims to promote gender equality in workplaces, labor markets and local communities in addition to drive its positive impact on productivity.

Standard Chartered Jordan will commit to empowering women as this represents a key element to accelerate inclusive economic growth. The bank also seeks to continuously empower women in all sectors and at all levels of the society.

This is part of the Bank’s goals, strategies, and initiatives to promote sustainable development at the community level.. The Bank joining the WEPs community reflects its constant commitment and strong belief in empowering women at all levels of the company and in the labour market . This includes supporting women and building their capacities to reach leadership positions, while addressing all forms of discrimination.

The Regional Manager of Standard Chartered Bank, Muhannad Mukahall, said: “We are happy to join this initiative and we are confident that this partnership will be successful and a long-lasting one. At Standard Chartered Bank, we are committed to building an inclusive workplace that empowers women by highlighting their accomplishments and challenging gender stereotypes and inequalities.”

Noura Constantine, Head of Human Resources at Standard Chartered Bank in the Middle East (excluding the United Arab Emirates), added: “Gender equality is considered an essential step to the success of our Bank and our society as a whole. We wholeheartedly believe in gender equality and are proud to say that nearly half of our employees are women, with equal representation across all departments and levels.”

“We welcome this commitment by Standard Chartered Bank. The private sector has a key role to play in supporting women’s economic empowerment and in influencing gender-responsive financial investments that can trigger positive outcomes both at the household and national levels. ” said Mr. Ziad Sheikh, UN Women Jordan Representative.


UN Women partners with businesses in Jordan to promote effective polities to boost women’s economic empowerment and to close the gender gap in the workplaces. This initiative is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), under the UN Women and ILO regional programme “Promoting Productive Employment and Decent Work for Women in Jordan”.


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