Former President of Finland, H.E Tarja Halonen visits UN Women Oasis 2 in Za'atari camp

Recognizing the positive results from continued support that the Government of Finland provides to UN Women


Tarja Halonen visits the women within the tailoring centre.

Former Finnish president H.E Tarja Halonen visits the different centres within the UN Women Oasis 2, greeting the women within the tailoring caravan. Photo Credits: Lauren Rooney

Former President of Finland, H.E Tarja Halonen toured the UN Women Oasis 2 within the Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan on Tuesday morning, 20th February 2018. The visit enabled Mrs. Halonen to recognize the positive results due to the continued support on a multitude of projects that the Government of Finland provides to UN Women.

During the visit, she socialized with the Syrian refugee women and girls working within the Oasis, taking the time to visit the women that were working within each caravan. Mrs. Halonen was introduced to the tailors, the child daycare unit, witnessed ICT lessons, and a community session; encapsulating the daily routine for the women working within the UN Women Oases.

Tarja Halonen visits the Tailors who make Baby Kits for in camp mothers.
In the UN Women Oasis women create baby-kits for the women
within camp, H.E Tarja Halonen admiring kits.
Photo Credits: Lauren Rooney

Tarja Halonen speaks to the women that work within the Oasis after her tour.

Tarja Halonen speaks to the women that work within the Oasis
after her tour. Photo Credits: Lauren Rooney

The three Oases in Al Za'atari has the most substantial female-focused cash for work programme; providing cash for work opportunities for 230 Syrian refugees in camp settings per day. The cash for work opportunities resulted in the production of 250 shopping bags per month and 100 comprehensive maternal kits per month. In addition, daycare facilities are available for the children of centers; beneficiaries. With 6,000 cash for work opportunities available in Za'atari camp, women receive on average 23% of them, UN Women targeted cash for work programme as a key to balance gender inequalities and support women's empowerment.

After the tour, Mrs. Halonen sat with three of the women that work within the Oasis 2 they discussed the impact of within the Oasis has had on their lives and the empowerment that they have built up by working within the Oasis.

"The work that the Oasis provides us with enables us to earn money for our families, especially for us women that are the sole providers of the house it is incredibly important."- Fadwa, a tailor within the Oasis 2.

"Women make up half of this world's population, what would the world be without them? Please, ladies, keep on striving and showing the world the incredible women that you are."- Former Finnish President, H.E, Tarja Halonen

At the end of her visit, H.E Tarja Halonen received a mosaic made by Syrian women refugees within the UN Women's Oasis. The mosaic was handed over by the three women to thank Mrs. Halonen for her visit.

Tarja Halonen receives Finland Mosaic Plaque from Oasis women.
H.E Tarja Halonen recieves a Finnish Mosaic plaque made by the women of the Oases, handed over by the
women within the Oasis 2. Photo Credits: Lauren Rooney