International Women’s Day

UN Women transformed the women's Oases of Za'atari and Azraq into a movie theatre for International Women's Day 2018

Hosting the screening of two empowering Jordanian Films for the women of the Oases to enjoy...

Date: Thursday, March 8, 2018

Za'atari & Azraq, Jordan.

Applauding producer and activist
The audience of Za’atari Oasis 3 for Women and Children, applauds as the screening of the two movies as the screening comes to a close. The premier of the two films in camp are shown on IWD 2018 in the run up to UN Women’s 6th Edition of Women's Film Week. Photo Credits: Lauren Rooney

Za’atari Camp, Oasis 3, Jordan- The UN Women Oases for Women and girl's of Za’atari and Azraq became transformed into a movie theatre on International Women’s Day (IWD), 8th March 2018. To commence the celebration of IWD and the UN Women's 6th Edition of Women's Film Week, UN Women hosted the screening of two empowering Jordanian films for the women of the Oases to enjoy. Over 100 women, men and children gathered to enjoy the cinematic experience.

"I enjoyed watching the movie, especially 'With Myself I started,' it was inspiring to see her perseverance in cleanliness. I was indeed motivated to think about the changes that I could make too, and it was an empowering movie."-  Ethidah, seamstress from Oasis 3.

The cinema audience attended the premiere of the two women’s empowerment documentaries; 'A Woman’s Struggle,’ featuring the life of social activist, Haifa Al-Bashir and ‘With Myself, I Started,’ documenting the journey traveled by the social and environmental activist Amal J. Madanat. The nature of the films reflect this year IWD theme;  “Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives.”

After watching the two films, the audience applauded the producer and director of the two films, Mr. Elie Nimri and Social Environmental Activist Amal J. Madanat who attended the screenings of the movie within the Za’atari camp. The pair addressed the audience about their motivations behind the thematic creations, Elie Nimri and Amal Madanat notably commented upon the roles that women have within the present day and how the messages of the films can further reinforce women’s empowerment in the future. 

Elie Nimri addresses the film audience
The producer of the two films attends the film screening at Za’atari
Oasis 3 for Women and Children, Elie Nimri addresses the audience,
initiating conversation on the thematic content and empowerment
of women within the films. Photo Credits: Lauren Rooney


Amal Madanat Activist
Social Environmental activist Amal J Madanat attends the screening
at Za’atari Oasis 3 for Women and Children, the documentary ‘With
Myself I Started’ follows Mrs. Madanats life. Mrs. Madanat becomes
absorbed in the environment and enjoys the screening alongside
the women within the Oasis. Photo Credits: Lauren Rooney


"I was very pleased with the reaction from the audience for both films, and it was a pleasant experience to acknowledge that with all of the challenges that these have women faced, the interaction that they can have with films that empower women is positive."- Mr. Elie Nimri, Producer and Director


"I am excited to show the film to young girls like in the Oasis, and it enables us to show them what women can do. These young girls are the future agents of change, and it is essential for them to fight for the issues that they wish to change. Women everywhere can transform her life, her families, and her community. As I did, I am one person I never thought I could make an impact, but I this film is a depiction of how far I have come. This is my message to other women, to create a healthier environment and future. The time is now."- Amal J. Madanat, social and environmental activist.


The films lend themselves to empowering images of women, engaging the notion of the various means to become more involved or address issues within the community and society. The films will also be exhibited to the public during the Women's Film Week, alongside a multitude of other films that present compelling stories on women’s empowerment.

Women's Film Week has been set up by UN Women Jordan in response to IWD, each year the films adhere to the theme of IWD. The event will recommence on the 14th March for the Launch event hosted under the esteemed patronage at the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Basma bint Talal, and the Royal Film Commision followed by the public viewing from the 15th-18th March at the Rainbow Art Theatre.