Eman's Oasis of Hope


Author: Bashar Al-Ja’bari

Eman's Oasis of Hope
Photo: UN Women/Michele Pasquale

Eman Al-Hariri, a 37-year-old Syrian mother of six children, two of whom have disabilities, faced the challenges of displacement when she arrived in Jordan in 2013 due to the war in Syria. In the midst of these difficulties, Eman sought support and found it in the Oasis centre, generously funded by the European Union through the Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, the Madad Fund—a beacon of hope for individuals like her striving to rebuild their lives.

Eman's initial hesitation, given the condition of her family, faded away after enrolling in the centre. The Oasis centre not only provided her with an opportunity to secure an income but also proved to be instrumental in her children's well-being. Following her enrolment, Eman could register her kids in physiotherapy, a crucial support that significantly supported their progress.

Expressing her gratitude, Eman said, “I am very glad I could learn a new skill, such as tailoring. I also learned how to read and write and could learn and memorize part of the Quran.” The transformative impact of the Oasis centre extended beyond skills acquisition; Eman became more proactive and curious, eager to explore new opportunities and experiences.

The monthly payment Eman received became a source of financial support for her family, helping to alleviate the burden of numerous loans incurred due to essential surgeries for her children. Reflecting on her journey, she shared, “My advice to all women in the camp is to register at any of the Oasis centres around here and learn something new."

Embracing her newfound skills, Eman now works as a tailor at home, contributing to her family's financial stability. She expressed joy in her ability to fix clothes and create new pieces from scratch. Grateful for the experience and the support from everyone at the Oasis centre, Eman sees her journey as an indication to the transformative power of learning and skill development.

Looking towards the future, Eman aspires to expand her skills further by joining more tailoring courses. Her dream is to establish her own business, fostering a stable life for her family. Additionally, she aims to support her daughters' university education, reflecting her unwavering commitment to creating a brighter future for her loved ones.