Reem's Journey Beyond Challenges


Author: Bashar Al-Ja’bari

Reem's Journey Beyond Challenges
Photo: UN Women/Michele Pasquale

Reem Al-Theeb, a 36-year-old mother of five from Dara’a, Syria, currently resides in Zaatari camp in northern Jordan. She moved to Jordan in January 2013, initially fleeing the war and instability in her home country with her children, as her husband couldn't immediately join them. Reem and her family were predicting a short stay in Jordan, it has now been a decade since they left Syria.

To cope with the current circumstances, Reem and her husband obtained to build a new life and secure a better future for their children. Reem worked in schools at the camp for nine years until circumstances led to her leaving her job. Recognizing her interest in continuing to work, Reem actively sought employment opportunities to contribute to the family's income. That's when she learned about the UN Women Oasis centre at the camp, generously funded by the European Union through the Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, the Madad Fund.

Reem worked as an education coordinator at the centre, a role that significantly impacted her life. Reflecting on this critical step, she expressed, “The centre was like a lifesaver for me; I knew about it at a very critical time in my life. It was close to my place, which is something I highly needed."

Reem appreciated the support the centre provided, including a kindergarten and nursery for her children, some of whom participated in a computer skills training program. The experience at the Oasis centre infused positivity into her life, making her more open to others. Expressing her gratitude, she stated, “Working here has added much to my life; I became more positive and open to others. I wish if I could join other trainings at the UN Women Centre.”

Demonstrating her resilience, Reem pursued further education, obtaining a nursing diploma and enrolling in various online training programs. Her dream is to build a peaceful and stable future with her husband and children, showcasing her unwavering commitment to creating a better life despite the challenges of displacement.