Isra'a's Empowerment at the Oasis Centre


Author: Bashar Al-Ja’bari

Isra'a's Empowerment at the Oasis Centre
Photo: UN Women/Michele Pasquale

Isra’a Al-Zarazrah, a 31-year-old Syrian woman, embarked on a transformative journey when she moved to Jordan with her family in 2013. Married with two children, Isra’a sought opportunities to enhance her skills and contribute to her family's well-being. Her path led her to the Oasis centre in Zaatari camp, a vital space generously funded by the European Union through the Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis, the Madad Fund.

Joining the Oasis centre as a facilitator, Isra’a brought prior experience from working with different organizations. Introduced to the centre through her sisters, with a smooth enrolment process. Isra’a found a valuable chance for personal and professional growth at the Oasis Centre, a place that profoundly empowers women.

Isra’a's journey at the Oasis centre proved to be transformative, with tangible benefits and the acquisition of new skills, after she enrolled in the tailoring course. She now exudes confidence and determination, expressing a desire to enrol in more courses in the future. The Oasis centre, with its supportive environment, enabled Isra’a to evolve, step out of her comfort zone, and interact with diverse personalities, fostering personal growth.

On a personal level, Isra’a's newfound skills empowered her to assist her family financially, a source of great joy for her. Reflecting on the impact of the Oasis centre on women's lives, she shared, “I know many women who could start businesses after being enrolled at the Oasis centre, and I can see the difference in their lives.”

Isra’a, who hadn't started projects or businesses before due to financial constraints, now advocates for women to work, equipping themselves to confront life's challenges. Her advice resonates with the Oasis centre's mission of empowerment. Isra’a aspires to maintain a stable job and income, recognizing the resilience required to face life's hardships. In the embrace of the Oasis centre, she envisions a future where challenges are met with confidence and opportunities for growth.