Increasing Women Economic Participation in Poverty Pockets


Target Area: Jordan- Al-Mafraq Poverty Pockets

Budget: $250,000

Duration: June 2013-June 2015

Donor: Kuwait-American Fund (KAF)

In partnership with UNESCO, Families Development Association, Friend of Environment and the Queen Zain Al-Sharaf Institute for Development, this project aims to provide a safe and encouraging environment to enhance, empower and increase women’s economic participation in 10 selected poverty pockets in Jordan’s Al-Mafraq Governorate. Under this project, UN Women is working to improve the capacities of women and community-based organizations, through vocational and entrepreneurship skills training, and awareness raising campaigns. Keeping the focus on gender equality, women’s empowerment and economic participation, this project provides micro revolving loans and grants to selected income generating projects proposed by women living in the poverty pockets of Al Mafraq. Within the framework of this initiative, efforts have also been made to support female entrepreneurship through the utilization of solar energy as a sustainable mechanism to increase household income. During the first year, UN Women, in close cooperation with its partners, was able to develop an evidence-based information portal in order to highlight demand-driven needs and priorities in the selected poverty pockets.

Project Goals:

  1. Increase the capacity of local partners and civil society organizations to effectively offer women services related to income generation, financial services and small business development.
  2. Develop the capacities of marginalized women to support income generating activities and use solar energy to enhance the scope of the initiatives.