Empowering rural women in the Mafraq Governorate


Target Area: Jordan-Umm el-Jimal’s

Budget: $200,000 (UN WOMEN), $28,748 (UNESCO), $282,586 (NETHERLANDS)

Duration: September 2013- December 2016

Joint programme between UN WOMEN and UNESCO

In partnership with UNESCO and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, this joint project aims to empower a group of women of the village of Umm el-Jimal in the north of Jordan, enabling them to improve their livelihoods through the opportunities provided by the management and promotion of the Umm el-Jimal archaeological site. UN Women and UNESCO will focus on building the capacities of the local community to promote and sustainably manage the site to trigger tourism and boost local economy. This initiative is part of a larger effort to develop the community of Umm el-Jimal, including the establishment of a Cooperative Association and a Community Center in the village.

Project Goals:

  1. Strengthen local women’s capacities to start income generating activities.
  2. Promote Umm el-Jimal archaeological site and its products in Jordan and beyond.
  3. Establish synergies with similar projects in Jordan.