Achieving E-Quality


Target Population: Female students and employees in the ICT sector

Budget: $ 922,627,27

Duration: March 2012- March 2014

Donor: USAID 

In partnership with the Ministry of ICT and CISCO, the aim of this project is to enhance the technical and communication skills of women in the ICT sector thereby empowering them to assume higher positions in the ICT space; and to create a gender-sensitive environment in the workplace to further boost the women’s participation in the national economy.  Through concerted efforts and a number of research studies, UN Women created a baseline from which they launched evidence-based planning and programming initiatives to further the capacity building and job opportunities from women in the ICT sector. This initiative further connects female graduates with the ICT job market through the Graduate Internship Initiative as well as promoting a periodical National Technology Parade in partnership with national universities and private sector companies.

Project Goals:

  1. Enhance capacity of women to compete in the IT sector.
  2. Ensure job placement for women candidates.
  3. Enhance the production of research on gender and development in the ICT sector.
  4. Increase public advocacy and awareness around women and the ICT field.

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