Gender and the Digital Divide in Situations of Displacement: The Experiences of Syrian Refugee Women in Al-Azraq and Al-Za'atari camps

This report identifies, discusses, and analyses the range of drivers at the root of the digital gender divide among refugee women in Al-Azraq and Al-Za’atari refugee camps. In so doing, it aims to inform evidence-based interventions by UN Women at their oases centres. The report is based on a mixed methods approach that includes a survey and focus groups conducted in Al-Azraq and Al-Za’atari refugee camp during two periods of fieldwork in May and December 2018. The findings are presented and discussed in relation to the wider local context of the camps, and together they reveal that gender based digital exclusion is a complex social phenomenon, and so different kinds of interventions should be considered to tackle specific problems – in particular, in improving women’s lack of access to and safe and secure use of digital technology.

This publication is generously supported by the Governments of Canada, Finland, France, Iceland, Italy as well as Zonta International Foundation as part of the UN Women’s programme ‘Resilience and Empowerment of Vulnerable Women: The Future of Jordan’s Growth and Stability: Eid bi Eid Phase III.’

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Subject area(s): Innovation and technology

Publication year: 2020

Number of pages: 20