From where I stand: “The key to my success was taking away the shame of asking others for help”


Eman Salam, 55, is a certified nurse who runs her own charities, and a professional mentor through the Mowgli 'Mentoring for Success' programme. With the generous support of the European Union Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian crisis (MADAD Trust Fund), UN Women and Mowgli are providing 200 Syrian and Jordanian women with the opportunity to build their confidence and enhance their professional and personal development through mentorship. 

Eman Salam joined the Mowgli ‘Mentoring for Success’ programme with the goal of supporting and empowering women to open their own businesses within the community of Shobak, southern Jordan. Photo: UN Women/Lauren Rooney 

QuoteI believe that women empowering other women to better themselves and fulfil their dreams is the way forward. That is why I signed up to become a mentor. 

I want to teach women that they are capable of anything they set their mind too, showing them that they are truly valuable to their community, their society and shaping a better future for other women. 

I am in this position now because not only have I worked hard, but I have actively sought out the support of other women, men and opportunities to better myself and the work that I do. The key to my success was taking away the shame of asking others for help. Now it is my turn to give back.

This programme will allow women to see their worth and that what they are bringing to the table today is not just an idea but the building block of a thriving business. And, I am lucky to be paired with an incredible entrepreneur, Haneen.

I know Haneen will prosper in the establishment of her business model. The first time I met her she had incredible energy and immediately evoked passion when she discussed her idea. 
I will provide Haneen with all of the knowledge and experience that I have to shape and start her new business. But I will also be here for her in any times of need.

Haneen's project is unique and should be an exciting prospect for the local community. I am looking forward to working with Haneen to make her business thrive over the next six months, and hopefully beyond that. 

At this point I want to say to Haneen: You are spectacular and believe me, you are going to reach incredible heights. We are in this together now and we will succeed for you. Failure is not an option.”

SDG 5: Gender equality
SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

Eman Salam is a certified nurse specialized in assessing nutritional deficiencies in children. She visits local schools to conduct nutritional awareness sessions and frequently provides her assistance at the King Hussein Cancer Foundation to women overcoming breast cancer. In addition, Eman runs a charity for anaemic children in her community and she supports the work of local women's organizations. She joined as a Mowgli Mentor to empower women with the knowledge and experience she has accumulated throughout her career and help break down the barriers that women face in starting a business. Her work contributes to achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 on gender equality and women’s empowerment, as well as SDG 8, which aims for full and productive employment and decent work for all.