Increasing Accountability in Financing for Gender Equality


Budget: $526,855

Duration: October 2011- January 2015

Donors: EU & Government of Spain/Government of Italy.

The project ensures the creation and establishment of a national planning system, including the national budget, focused on women’s empowerment, and encourages a fair and need-based allocation and availability of resources for Jordanian women. By assessing the level of gender gap in national budgeting, the project proposes recommendations for Jordan’s national development plan to ensure better budget and resource allocation to help women. UN Women, to effectively and efficiently achieve its goals, is focusing its efforts on influencing change in the national planning and aid management process of this project.

Project Goals and Achievements

  1. Prioritize women’s empowerment in Jordan’s national action plan in order to ensure that the necessary resources for the progress of gender equality are accounted for and available.
  2. Enable the national government to fulfill the promises made for the development of gender equality and female empowerment.
  3. Obtain commitments of assistance from funding partners and stakeholders and develop a method of maintaining accountability in order to ensure successful resource and aid distribution for women in both stable and post-conflict zones.
  4. Feminist economists and gender equality advocates have successfully been involved in influencing policy initiatives in both economic and political empowerment advocacy forums.