Financing Gender Equality


Gender-responsive budgeting (GRB) is government planning, programming and budgeting that contributes to the advancement of gender equality and women's rights, identifies gender gaps in sector and local government policies, plans and budgets, and helps shape policies in a gender inclusive and sensitive manner. 

UN Women works closely with Jordanian governmental and non-governmental organizations to advocate for the inclusion of gender perspectives in national planning and budgeting.  To achieve this, UN Women Jordan is supporting ministries in determining how funds should be allocated in a gender inclusive and equal manner in the national budget through the provision of capacity building activities.

One of the main achievements in this field is the Circular n.16 issued in 2013 by the Ministry of Finance in the preparation of the draft General Budget Law, calling on all ministries, departments and units to “take into consideration gender and child issues as identifying its indicators. In addition, number of employees by gender and distribution by program should be specified, with presenting each program’s objectives, main services and divisions responsible for implementing those programs.”

Within the framework of its GRB work, UN Women Jordan is implementing the following initiative:

Increasing Accountability in Financing for Gender Equality. Read more

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