Leadership and Political Participation


Supporting women’s leadership is crucial to empowering women and encouraging them to advocate for their rights in the decision making-process and bridge the representation gender gap. In this regard, UN Women is actively engaged in strengthening the political participation of Jordanian women, both as active voters and as members of elective bodies. Through awareness-raising campaigns and trainings that offer civic and political education, Jordanian women are empowered to participate politically at the local, municipal and national levels. Parallel to this, UN Women is working in close collaboration with its civil society partners to eliminate discriminatory legislation and social barriers that prevent women from being fully involved in the political arena. UN Women focuses on involving youth in this process, empowering young volunteers to become ambassadors for women’s empowerment and women’s rights in their communities. 

Within the framework of its Women’s Political Participation & Leadership work, UN Women Jordan has been implementing the following initiatives:

  • Empowering youth to advocate for women’s human rights through volunteerism project. Read more
  • Support Women Participation, Voters and Candidates in the National Elections/ Support Women in Local Election/Spring Forward Programme. Read more
  • Support the Submission of the 6th National Periodic Report to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) project. Read more