Women’s Participation in Elections


Budget: $ 444,820

Duration: 2012-2013

Donors: UN Women core funds / EU / French Government

UN Women has partnered with The Jordanian National Commission for Women (JNCW) and other institutional members of the national coalition to implement the project aimed at enhancing women’s political participation, as both voters and candidates in the Jordanian National Elections in January 2013. Another project has been simultaneously undertaken, focused on the political involvement of women at the local and regional level for the municipal elections in august 2013. The national coalition comprises of governmental and non-governmental institutions including civil society organizations and women NGOs involved with the election. Its role is to provide technical and policy support to the project and the women candidates in the parliamentary and municipal elections.

Project Achievements:

  1. Number of women Members of Parliament increased from 12 to 18. 15 of those benefited from the quota system, while three won under open competition.
  2. During the August 2013 municipal elections a quota for women was set for 25%. The final results of the elections showed that women hold more than 35% of the seats. (Board of County Commissioners Report, 2013).
  3. The project results showed increased women winners in municipal councils across the country, to reach more than 35%, out of which, 25% won seats under the quota scheme, while 10% won through open competition.